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Have recent storms pelted your vehicle with hail stones?
hail damage is an inconvenient occurence and if left unrepaired, causes significant depriciation of your vehicle. Dents Vanish has over 15 years experience with hail dent repair and as a local independent business, is here for you long after the storm has passed. Dents Vanish has a network of hail technicians in Ohio that keeps our local economy strong. hail dent repair uses paintless dent removal techniques to repair your vehicle without body fillers or repainting. The major differences between individual dent repair and hail dent repair are largely the sheer number of dents and the logistics of efficiently completing high quality repairs.
*update*- Our team has protocols in effect to protect you and your loved ones during the pandemic event. vehicle pick up, passenger compartment sanitization, and drop off is available to limit human contact.

First Step:

After the storm has passed and you notice hail dents on your vehicle you will need to file a claim with your insurance company to get the repair process started.

Damage Inspection and Estimation:

The only way to accurately inspect and estimate hail damage to your vehicle is inside a shop, with the vehicle cleaned off, and looking at the damage with special lighting. Looking at a vehicle outside will always result in missed damage and require additional paperwork and delays. Dents Vanish will take care of the damage analysis for you and contact your insurance company with the results, even if they ask you to take your vehicle to a specific location, eliminating extra leg work on your part and accurately detailing the total extent of damage to your vehicle.

Repair Process:

Dents Vanish employs a network of Ohio hail repair experts to repair your hail dented vehicle to pre-damage condition with the least invasive process available. The average time for repair varies depending upon damage severity and part availability. The typical turn around time for paintless dent repair of hail damaged vehicles is several days on average.


Upon completion of your vehicle repairs, your vehicle will be cleaned and the passenger compartment disinfected during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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