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C Max Rail Dent
C Max Roof Rail Dent During Repair
C Max Roof Rail Dent Mid Repair
C Max Roof Rail Dent After Repair

The relatively new Ford C Max is not impervious to dents as any other vehicle may be. This uniside roof was mysteriously damaged at a parking lot only days after the vehicle was purchased. The repair is slightly different than if it were located in the middle of the door for example in that this area of the vehicle is completely boxed off and access to the back of the panel is impossible. The technician employed a technique of lifting the dent from the front side of the panel with special tabs attached to the front with a temporary adhesive. The during photo shows the tabs in action. This type of repair requires more labor and patience since a tool is not able to work directly on the back of the panel so precision in tab placement and working the metal with tap downs is crutial to a clean repair. This repair took longer than expected since the body style line was very stubborn and required quite a bit of back-and-forth in order to remove all traces of the dent. Time to repair: about 3 hours. Cost: $350 Plus Tax

The repair was completed at the customer's home in about 2 hours. The dent was complex in that it encompassed the wheel well opening and ran across a style line.
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